I wonder how Google will handle this website. I am not going mention the keyword once on this page. It is an exact match domain but the domain name is not anywhere in the html code. I wonder how this will impact the rankings that are being discussed on WebmasterWorld. I wonder even more why so many WebmasterWorld members don't get off their lazy ass and do some quality research on their own. Personally I think it is silly and dangerous to rely on others to do the research and them hope that they will accurately share those internet marketing findings with you.

I started this experiment back in September 2013 and since then I noticed that the website with the most direct link juice tended to rank higher. This was followed by websites with the most domain authority by no direct links. Since this is just one test I wouldn't read too much into the results. I think we can all agree that having links, domain authority and quality content is a good idea.

Google is like a girl I knew in high school. She wouldn't pay attention to any guy that was interested in her until that guy started becoming interested in other girls. Google tends to not give preference to websites until they establish alternative traffic streams, then Google starts getting very interested in the website. Alright I think I have babbled enough to have long enough text and keywords for this test.